Vision Interface Technologies

Vision Interface Technologies has developed NaturalTrak software and patents focused on Interacting with the Real World using inexpensive video cameras to control computer applications

NaturalTrak is a platform technology with broad applicability

Natural interfaces turn any real world object into a touch screen or controller.

Designed so that a novice can script what a computer should do when it sees a specified scene.

Designed for multiple operating systems including cell phones and embedded devices.

Work on NaturalTrak began in 1996 with a vision of the future:

Computers will be very small, portable, fast, powerful, and everywhere (interacting in clusters).

Cameras will be cheap, fast, with high resolution.

Keyboard and mouse or touch screen on small computers will be limiting.

Real world interaction preferable using vision and voice.

Users are best served when they can personalize their applications.

The human should be the focus not the computer. A computer should be a tool like a car or stereo.

There is nothing wrong with traditional objects like books, paint brushes, pens, board games, etc. We just need to make them transparently access the power of a computer for storage, editing, communication, etc.

A few of the markets that can be addressed:


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